The Moray College are set to work alongside the McDonald & Munro Speyside Stages Rally to stream live images over the internet during next Saturday’s stage through the Cooper Park.

As entries closed earlier this week, it has seen a full entry of 120 cars which will be racing around the special stage which perimeters the Cooper Park. Ever since the introduction of the special stage in 1999 it has proven a great success and this is a new adventure for the rally and Moray College to widen the audience of rallying and the Elgin park.

Students studying a degree in interactive media will film the event using 4 cameras providing edited output with live commentary keeping all viewers up to date on the action as it happens.

The Cooper Park stages of the event will be broadcast live on Youtube under the channel Speyside Stages TV and there will be updates through the day on social media, on Facebook, Twitter & Periscope.

The rally begins at 9am and streaming will broadcast briefly beforehand, with the Cooper Park being stage 1&2 of the Mcdonald & Munro Speyside Stages, with crews setting off at 30 second intervals.

This is a first for rallying in Scotland and is still fairly unique in the UK. The rally may lead the way on new ways of publicising their rally and bringing rallying into the modern era through social media applications and live streaming which is generally seen on more prestigious championships where they broadcast onto television.