2017 Spectator Information

Will be found here nearer the event.

Scrutineering from 17:00 (Friday night) – Billy Miller Contractor, Chanonry Street, Elgin

All competing cars must be checked for all necessary Safety Equipment & also for eligibility with event rules and regulations before they are allowed to start the event.

Come and see the cars close up and meet the crews before they do battle with the stages the following day.

Where to park

There is plenty of car parking around Chanonry Industrial Estate, but please park sensibly as this is a busy industrial estate and some of the businesses will still be working.



Safety is paramount both on and off the rally stages, and the 63 Car Club (Elgin) Ltd relies on co-operation from Police Scotland to make the event happen. As such, the police have advised the organisers that they will be monitoring & recording the behaviour of the spectating public as well as competitors. Therefore, please do not drive irresponsibly, it won’t do any good and may well end up in an accident and/or an endorsement. Car parks are provided not only for your convenience but also for your safety. No parking will be allowed on any of the main roads, especially the A95 at Rosarie, and Police vehicles will be on duty to strictly enforce this. Please help the event keep its good reputation.

Drive responsibly and watch your speed please!

SS1/2 – McDonald & Munro Cooper Park 1/2
First car due 09:00
Where to watch
The viewing areas in the Park are accessed from the Lossie Green Car Parks. If you go to your right as you enter the park, and past the Library, it takes you to the main viewing area. You can see the crews tackle a tight section around the old library before heading off into the faster sections around the park, and commentary is provided here. Please do not try and access any other area of the stage as these are strictly non-spectator, and anyone in here would mean the cancellation of the stage.
Where to park
There are big public car parks available at Lossie Green, a two-minute walk from the Cooper Park. These are easily accessed and signposted from the main A96 through the town. Please park within the bays, and pay & display where applicable to avoid the wrath of the local traffic wardens!! Please note that the car park nearest the Cooper Park is reserved for rally cars and no spectator parking will be allowed here.

SS5 – John Wink Design Gartly Moor 1
First car due 12:00
SS8 – John Forrest Engineering Gartly Moor 2
First car due 14:30
SS5 and SS8 run in the same direction, down the hill towards Gartly Village.
Where to watch
For both stages the cars head downhill into a tricky 90 left, then through the trees into some sweeping bends. There are good views at a 90 degree corner where the car park meets the stage, but recent forestry operations mean that there are also some clear felled areas which will give good views for those that like a good walk in either direction. Food will be available in the car park.
Where to park
The car park for the stage is accessed, and will be arrowed from the public road off the A96 at the top of the crawler lane after the Glens of Foundland. After approx 2 miles turn right into the forest and follow the arrows to the car park adjacent to the stage. The car park will be run by Gartly Community Association who will take the proceeds, and parking costs £3 per car.

SS10 – Grampian Property Centre Rosarie
First car due 16:10
Where to watch
The spectator car park joins the stage as the cars into tight triangle. To the right as you approach the stage is a fast lefthander into the triangle. Beyond this, for those that like a good walk further into the stage, there are some clear felled areas with good views. To the left are some fast and flowing downhill bends and also some big ditches, so if you choose this option please find somewhere safe to stand.
Where to park
The car park for this stage is on the forest road from Gateside farm, accessed off the A95 Keith-Dufftown road. Turn right off the A96 just before Keith and follow the A95 for approx. 3 miles before following signs and turning left onto unclassified road. Follow this road for approx 1 mile before entering the forest at Gateside Farm. Please note that there have been recent forestry operations in this section of track, so please drive with caution as there are some bumpy patches.
There is NO access to the Stage Start or Stage Finish as there is no parking available on the A95. Anyone parking on the verges of this road is at risk of being towed away by the Police who will be patrolling the area. The Car Park will be manned by Riding for the Disabled and is £3 per car.